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Chih Han Printing Technology

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How to start
Insight for the future

We provide customers cross-cutting suggestions and grasp the future trend of market.

Midas Touch

Creative ideas require implementation. We develop new forms of application or create new products to satisfy demands as well as accumulate integration of numerous technique databases. We break through customer’s ideas on traditional printing and help them understand that printing is more than what they thought as well as bring market attraction for customers.

Creativity Navigation

No existing approach shall limit our imagination.
We create different presentation for each customer.

We accompany you to build from scratch

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Planning product

Designing packaging structure

Designing graphic packaging

Telling stories with videos

Providing marketing advice

Walk with you through every journey
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Think tank of Chih Han

Cornerstone of Printing

Chih Han Printing Technology has a professional background of 25 years in the printing industry and was founded in 2005 in Taiwan.
We carry a service spirit of “integrity, specialty, and innovation” to focus on the combination of technical development and interdisciplinary experience in printing area.

We, as comprehensive team,
can provide you perfect suggestions!

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The first-hand bridge for the communication between the company and customers, providing guarantee for professional printing and service quality.

Business Manager

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Providing professional counselling service when you encountering any issues related to products.


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Offering customized packaging structure design and presentation based on different products offered by customers.

Structural Designer

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Making good use of professional skills of aesthetics to achieve product packaging that meets market demands.

Graphic Designer

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In charge of planning and managing printing products in the company, mainly focusing on the R&D skills, manufacturing procedures, and marketing suggestions related to printing.

Production Manager

The persistence in quality, innovation, and exquisite techniques are why our customers trust us.

Chih Han Printing Technology is a customer for qualified suppliers of packaging materials.


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Contact us

Contact us

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Phone. 02-8228-7799
Fax. 02-2221-3753

Monday - Friday 08.30 - 17.30

Taiwan|5F-5, No. 496, Bannan Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 235

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