Chih-Han is a young, stable, innovative company. It’ was found in 2005 by a couple with 25-year expert experiences in the printing industry. Uphold the principle of Integrity, Professional, and Innovation to specialize positively in printing technology development in all fields. 

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Chih-Han has started from a tradition printing production for 13 years, been continuing to research and develop and extending the service of design and marketing. To now we build an extreme excellent technical team with the effective operation system and the management capability.


We have the latest technology manufacturing quality and management capabilities, accumulating countless integration of processes database. Especially in 2017, our technical team was breaking client’s stereotype to bring the product attractiveness in the market for customers.


Serve with one-stop integration services and insight into the future market, created Technology 4.0.

Our Clients All Around The World

We are a company with the quality insistence, innovation, creative, excellent technique, and trusted by our clients.


  • Corsair Memory, inc.

  • Kiingston technology far east co.,ltd

  • Foxconn Technology Group

  • Yung Sheng Optical co.,ltd.

  • Team Group Inc.

  • Unicon Optical Co. Ltd.

  • TCI CO., Ltd

  • Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Pub Co Ltd

  • Compal Electronics, Inc.

  • Formosa Environmental Technology Corp.

  • PNY Technologies, Inc.

  • Medtecs International Corporation Ltd.

  • Vemar co., Ltd.

  • Mary & Majestic, Inc.

  • Yong Laing co., Ltd.

  • Arima Communications Corp.

  • KINGMAX Digital Inc.

  • Phison Electronics Corp.

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Global Location

Chongqing , China

Kunshan, China

Shenzhen, China

New Taipei City, Taiwan

  • New Taipei City, Taiwan

  • Kunshan, China

  • Shenzhen, China

  • Chongqing , China

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