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Green processing

We use eco-friendly materials and techniques, generate less pollution during the printing process, and save resources and energy. The discarded printing products are easy for recycling and reutilization and can be degraded naturally. The printing methods we use have the least impact to the ecological environment, including the utilization of eco-friendly printing materials, clean printing production process, the safety of the printing products to users as well as the recycling of printing products and reutilization.


We provide papers that are free of eight heavy metals and meet the requirements of RoHS. 
PET aluminum foil recognized by EU.


Plant-based ink

It reduces the emission and avoids the pollution of VOC, improves the working environment of printing, and is good for human health. It can fully dissolve some toxic and harmful substances in the ink and reduce the hazards to human body as well as the pollution to the packed products. It is especially suitable for the packaging printing products that require strict hygiene conditions, like food, drinks, drugs, and toys. In addition, it can also reduce the fire hazards caused by static electricity and flammable solvent as well as the smell of solvent attached on the surface of printing products.


(Note: VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds)


Matt water-based eco-friendly plastic gloss lamination

Water-based lamination technique. Coating and oil-based gloss lamination can cause greater damage to the environment, while water-based gloss lamination uses thinner with toxin-free, odor-free, and pollution-free water. In terms of environmental protection and human health, water-based lamination technique definitely is advantageous.

Our Company specifically developed an eco-friendly plastic material that is with higher abrasion resistance compared to general water-based gloss lamination. It has passed the shock test by SGS.

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