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Technology-Oriented Printing Company

We are very clear about the future market variability.

Printing is not passive but active!








Transitional printing is mostly a passive mode. Chih-Han believes that it initiates actively to integrate the exiting technology and products for client to enhance the value and competitiveness of products in the market.

The existing printing technology is only meet the market requirements temporarily. We work hard to develop and innovate the multi-technology design process applications for client. This is the value that our technical team has and can be trusted.


Insight into the market ahead to create the new trends in the printing industry and the market.


An Intact Team, Gives You Perfect Advice!

Professional Consultant

We will provide professional consultations and solutions while you meet any kinds of  problems about printing.

Graphic Designer

Our graphic designers will provide the professional aesthetic service to meet your need in the market.

Structural Designer

According to many customers’requests, our structural designers will present the customized packaging structure and suggestion.

Product Manager

The product managers will provide product printing press plan and management, especially the developing-technique, making-process, and suggestions for operating market.

Sales Manager

The firsthand connection between our company and customers, all of our sales provide professional printing technologies and guarantee of good customer service.

The Technology You Have Heard, But You Never Seen.

UV Printing
Aluminum Foil Paper Technology
Dot Hot Foil Stamping
Stamping Have the
Technology 4.0
Novel Stereoscopic
Visual Printing Technology