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The craft you've heard,

It's a skill you haven't seen before.

The ultimate UV printing silver foil card process

In the UV printing process, due to the characteristics of the silver foil card, our company trims the effect after understanding the needs of the client for packaging, which makes the effect surprisingly amazing, because we understand the designer's pursuit, and can also use the characteristics of the silver foil card. Make the ultimate visual effect.

未命名-10_工作區域 1 複本 5.png

Customer original printing sample

The color and level of the trimmed printing samples are more obvious, and the aluminum foil effect is even more amazing.


Who says bronzing can't be layered?
This is what we can do! - Bronzing at outlets

Zhihan Printing can sublimate the general bronzing technology, improve the fineness, properly integrate the image and the bronzing process, superimpose the gradient of the bronzing and the multi-color gold foil, and develop a special process of dot bronzing "Image bronzing" ".

未命名-10_工作區域 1 複本 6.png

Craft 4.0
​​Printing process of new stereoscopic vision

Zhihan understands the current technology and can no longer satisfy the visual sense of consumers, so it has created a future printing - "Craft 4.0", ​ It is a flat film printing that can present a metal three-dimensional vision .

未命名-10_工作區域 1 複本 7.png
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