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The Technology You Have Heard, But You Never Seen.

UV Printing Aluminum Foil Paper Technology

According the aluminum foil paper characteristics on UV printing process. We adjusted the finishing effect after the need of packaging discussion with client. Obviously the result of the printing is surprisingly amazing. Because we understand what designers thought and also make the characteristics of the aluminum foil paper extremely refined Visual effect.

未命名-10_工作區域 1 複本 5.png

Client’s previous printing effect

After our adjustment, the gradation of colors on aluminum foil paper is even more prominent amazing.


Who says that Hot Foil Stamping cannot have the gradation? This is what we can do!
Dot Hot Foil Stamping

Chih-Han printing has sublimated the general foil stamping technology to enhance the detail exquisitely by making the image and the process proper integration, stamping the gradation and overprinting of multi-colored foil to developed the special hot foil technology calls“Image hot Foil stamping”.

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Technology 4.0
Novel stereoscopic visual printing technology

Chih-Han understand that the existing printing technology cannot be attracted by customers, created the future printing《Technology 4.0》The flat film printing with presenting the metallic visual stereoscopic effect.

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